About Me

Harley Danker, a visionary Founder and Designer, embarked on his creative journey after graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Architecture from Taylors University. Beginning his career at the esteemed Design Collectives Architect, Harley honed his skills in crafting architectural models and discovered his fervent passion for transforming abstract ideas into tangible mock-ups. However, fueled by an insatiable desire to explore beyond model making, he bravely left his first job and ventured into diverse design fields.

It was on a serendipitous day that Harley's life took a remarkable turn. While stumbling upon a shop featuring handmade concrete and cement pots, he found inspiration in the raw beauty and versatility of this material. Drawing from his architectural expertise, he took a leap of faith and delved into creating his first line of tiny concrete pots, ingeniously utilizing hand-molded paper cups and cardboard models. As his innovative ideas flourished, he integrated cutting-edge technologies like mesmerizing 3D print tools and silicone molds, expanding his repertoire to encompass a broader range of essentials for modern home and office decor.

Today, Harley Danker's entrepreneurial spirit thrives as he successfully runs Concrete Dezign entirely from the comfort of his home in Malaysia. Firm in his belief that each meticulously handcrafted concrete product establishes an intimate connection between humanity and nature, he continues to infuse sentiment and artistry into every creation, leaving an indelible mark on the world of design and decoration.

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